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Company Profile

We focus on the field of car driving safety in the field ofelectronic and driving life, through the integration of the team ofprofessional marketing concepts and automotive electronics technology toprovide customers with high quality automotive electronics products andservices.
Ourmain business includes: automotive safety electronics (drivingrecorder, navigation device, electronic dog) ROSOTO Rui Shitai brandproduct development, manufacturing and marketing, factory-owned SMTpatch and production workshop, to provide OEM users with the brand ODM processing services.
Ourflagship product - ROSOTO Rui Shitai ultra-high-definition car recorderelectronic dog one machine, built-in GPS positioning and GSM mobilephone system, imported radar gun hardware, support WeChat mobile phoneequipment, with driving recorder function (1080P HD video, pictures TMCtraffic real-time traffic broadcast, weather forecasting, traffic trackplayback and real-time query, location sharing, etc.), the system canbe used to monitor the traffic. Powerful and professional core system, rich integration,stylish compact design for the car owners to create the atmosphere andhas a practical boutique automotive electronics products.
We are adhering to the core values of "creating high-qualitytraffic recorder one machine for our partners, and creating value fordriving safety and driving life industry through independent innovationand sincere cooperation with the spirit of" respect, technology andhumanity ".
About "Creating Value for Partners"
Webelieve that customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees and othercompanies and their own cooperative relations between the units andindividuals are their partners, and only through the efforts to createvalue for the partners in order to reflect their own value and access todevelopment and success .
On "respect, science and technology, humanities"
Webelieve that humanities is the meaning of our human existence and loftyrealm, through mutual respect and scientific and technologicalinnovation, to create a better human life and make unremitting efforts.

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